Summer Missionary Experiences!

We are about to start planning our marvelous and glorious summer camp programs if we haven’t already started; and I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to consider the great opportunity we have in our hands.

Did you know that our summer camps can become the ground to cultivate vocations in our young people? Yes! Some years ago we made an experiment where we intentionally started to talk about how a counselor was doing God’s work during the summer camp. Counselors became missionaries that evangelized the campers entrusted to us. This new language made a huge difference. Now young people know that they are able to bring God to other children.

This “crop” gave us such positive results that many of our young people decided to become volunteers! Now we are blessed with one young person who is at the point of make a life’s decision whether or not to become a priest. We believe this change has helped us to discover many vocations for the church! We are not perfect, actually we are far from perfection, but we believe that if we keep cultivating this attitude, soon we will have more visible results not only with the number of volunteers but increasing the numbers of brothers and sisters who choose the consecrated life.

This article does not intend to brag about what we do but it seeks to raise the question: “How can we use our summer activities to promote vocations?” This is the same question we ought to keep asking ourselves. Let’s keep developing the vocational culture in our young people and in our province.